Brooklyn Youth Soccer is a youth soccer league located in the

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Brooklyn, CT
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The mission of Brooklyn Youth Soccer ("BYS") is to organize and provide an environment for the youth of Brooklyn and surrounding communities to learn and play the game of soccer.  The program is designed to teach soccer skills to youth of all ages and skill levels and to educate them on the rules of the game.  BYS promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, discipline, leadership, self-confidence and fair play.  By working together with coaches, parents and players, BYS seeks provide an opportunity for youth to compete in a fun, encouraging, and positive atmosphere.



CJSA Northeast District Rules of Competition provides:

1. “RESPONSIBLE PARTY”: COACHES are responsible for themselves, their players AND their spectators;

2. EXCEPT FOR making substitutions, indicating on field emergencies and direct responses to a referee, no COACH or SPECTATOR shall directly address a referee or do anything that conveys criticism of a referee;

3. FIRST OFFENSE: The official will warn the coach and/or direct the coach to warn the involved spectator;

4. ADDITIONAL OFFENESES: An offending Coach will be DISMISSED from the match / Referee will stop match and inform coach that the offending spectator must LEAVE the field and surrounding area immediately

5. FAILURE TO COMPLY will result in the match being abandoned!!!!

October Calendar Drawing Winners

Top Sellers

1. (40) Sierra Buisson $250

2. (40) Joshua Law $250

Top Team

14U Kirkconnell (99): Team Party

Daily Winners

October 1: Erica Barden ($50)

October 2: Paul Davis ($50)

October 3: Dale Lavallee ($50)

October 4: Ed Bibek ($50)

October 5: Roland Scheck ($50)

October 6: Lilian DonFrancisco ($100)

October 7: Kristen Elliot ($100)

October 8: Gena Torre ($50)

October 9: Lynn  Russo ($50)

October 10: Megan Lawrence ($50)

October 11: Jessie Keppen

October 12: Cydney Cardinal ($50)

October 13: Rich Chevalier ($100)

Octobrer 14: Tonya Jackson ($100)

October 15: Jessica White ($50)

October 16: Sarah Rand ($50)

October 17: Sue Moiduszewski ($50)

October 18: Carleen Paine ($50)

October 19: Keith Gosselin ($50)

October 20: Joe Beaudreault ($100)

Please make contact with Jason Chviek (614)949-1192 to make arrangement to pick up your winnings.

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