Brooklyn Youth Soccer is a youth soccer league located in the "Quiet Corner" in northeastern Connecticut. Brooklyn Youth Soccer is formally recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. Nearby towns include Killingly, Danielson, Plainfiel

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The mission of Brooklyn Youth Soccer ("BYS") is to organize and provide an environment for the youth of Brooklyn and surrounding communities to learn and play the game of soccer.  The program is designed to teach soccer skills to youth of all ages and skill levels and to educate them on the rules of the game.  BYS promotes sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, discipline, leadership, self-confidence and fair play.  By working together with coaches, parents and players, BYS seeks provide an opportunity for youth to compete in a fun, encouraging, and positive atmosphere. 
BYS Bylaws


October 1 ($50): Jean Rios

October 2 ($50): Dawn King

October 3 ($50): Marika Exarhoulias

October 4 ($100): Mike Parmeter

October 5 ($100): Sara Guimont

October 6 ($50): Alice Colwell

October 7 ($50): Tara Hilbrecht

October 8 ($50): Gemma Stirba

October 9 ($50): Clara Marando

October 10 ($50): Mary Carver

October 11 ($100): Jerome Sorel

October 12 ($100): Amy Camara

October 13 ($50): Melissa Powell

October 14 ($50): Joe D'Amico

October 15 ($50): Joyelle Caron

October 16 ($50): Noreen Kazantzis

October 17 ($50): Penny Kowolenko

October 18 ($100): Jim Allen

October 19 ($100): Lorraine Fournier

October 20 ($50): Gerri Canton

October 21 ($50): Michael Cates

October 22 ($50): Denise Nault

October 23 ($50): Dave Steele

October 24 ($50): Andrew Stubbs

October 25 ($100): Jim Guathier

October 26 ($100): Nicole Robinson

October 27 ($50): Maureen Goslin

October 28 ($50): Nathan Caron

October 29 ($50): Stacy Rodecap

October 30 ($50): Billy Hyland

October 31 ($500): Chuck Sirois

Thank you for your support.  Please contact me to make arrangements for delivery of your prizes. John Newson, BYS President.




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